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  1. ACLU Sues For Jesus Painting
  2. Who is Ron Paul?
  4. "MERRY CHRISTMAS" - Jesus is God
  6. Romney targets Chuck Norris
  7. "The Iowa Scam"
  8. predictions poll from last year
  9. for politically active people
  10. Aradorn's "fair tax" being adopted by Huckabee
  11. "The Moral Instinct"
  12. Huckabee, "amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards"
  13. MESSENGER space probe flies by Mercury
  14. Tom Cruise's Scientology Indoctrination Video
  15. Who is the real McCain?
  16. Dump Him!!!!!
  17. Watch your weight!
  18. Hillary Clinton cries v.2.0
  19. Romney suspends presidential campaign
  20. What are your biggest issues regarding the presidiential election?
  21. The terrorists should hit these people first
  22. Iraqi women must cover hair, skip blush -- or else
  23. "Why do atheists hate America?"
  24. Showdown looms in 'treasonous' Berkeley
  25. lol...awesome
  26. Government Paper
  27. Forum Purpose
  28. "Prozac, used by 40m people, does not work say scientists"
  29. Not quite there yet...
  30. Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
  31. "Grape expectations. What wine can tell us about the nature of reality"
  32. Has anyone heard of Will it Blend?
  33. Researchers Create Character With Reasoning Abilities Of A Child
  34. Think those Danish Cartoons got some uproar?
  35. A message from the President
  36. Pastors May Defy IRS Gag Rule
  37. Einstein: Bible Is 'Primitive, Pretty Childish'
  38. Billionaire oilman backs wind power
  39. Bob Barr
  40. Food for thought
  41. challenge
  42. Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution
  43. politics: Obama. "Constitutional Drift"
  44. The candidates and taxes
  45. Jackson caught on video using n-word during Obama remarks
  46. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
  47. Cincinnati Reds: Creation Museum Faith Day
  48. Wiccan Accidentally Stabs Herself in Foot With Sword During Good Luck Ritual
  49. Ex-Astronaut: Aliens Are Real and Government Knows It
  50. Obamanomics
  51. Ancient "computer"
  52. Paris fires back
  53. "The Genius of Charles Darwin"
  54. Edwards Mistress Talks Trash
  55. Russia threatens the United States of America. Get ready for war hippies
  56. Has Hillary taken over the convention?
  57. McCainonomics
  58. Clintonomics
  59. McCain panders to the religious right.
  60. McCain Takes Lead Over Obama
  61. Behind the scenes of the new "W" movie
  62. The poverty of Democrats' ideas for cities
  63. Google 411
  64. Swift Boat v. 2.0
  65. I cant believe 34 states have used Diebold machines
  66. Junk DNA and you
  67. Tax Cuts, Real and Imaginary: Obama's spending programs in disguise.
  68. Good game design article
  69. Sam Harris on Sara Palin. From Newsweek
  70. science as religion
  71. war on christmas? Have I got a present for you.
  72. Spindrift Project
  73. Bus Campaign in London
  74. Video Game Players Love The Game, Not The Gore
  75. Weather Channel Founder Blasts Gore Over Global Warming Campaign
  76. great new Hubble image
  77. U.N. creating "blasphemy laws"
  78. the daemon
  79. "Catholics on the Move, Non-religious on the Rise"
  80. The Obama Deception
  81. Where do I swab, who do I cut?
  82. Sotomayor fro USSC
  83. Barack Obama invokes Jesus more than George W. Bush
  84. Global Warming: Man made or not
  85. Commentary: Obama's rush to judgment on police
  86. As promised....
  87. "Iran: A female revolution - A monumental challenge to Islam"
  88. Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
  89. Ontario Sues Big Tobacco for 50B
  90. "UFO" in Iran Missile Test video
  91. Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
  92. Melanin "Science"
  93. "Bill Maher gets schooled on vaccines by Bill Frist"
  94. Inc: PETA vs Jews/Muslims
  95. evoting machine code leaked (kind of)
  96. Green China
  97. An Awesome Juxtaposition
  98. when psuedo-science becomes very dangerous
  99. "An open letter to conservatives"
  100. Arizona Immigration Law
  101. Westboro vs Comic Geeks
  102. Interesting Video
  103. This really disturbs me
  104. Thread of win
  105. Penn Jillette - Think Big
  106. Socio-Racial Politiks?
  107. EvE player among Benghazi dead
  108. History
  109. Found this today..