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Still playing Darkfall Rise of Agon although sporadically will invest time at Launch because I love launches , mass amounts of people running through the world vying for dominance and leveling characters.

Im still a Dwarf , tried other races but Dwarf is where ill stay even at launce , Guess its from all the RP Drinking I can do and goes along with Pirate drunkenness.

Id love to give Darkfall new Dawn a try but im west coast and the ping is unreal so ive settled in Rise of Agon with Numb. Cant wait for launch cause Darkfall hands down is the most hardcore pvp game ive ever been involved in and cant escape it.
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I have a month old character but have been playing Conan. Darkfall solo is something I can only do for so long.

I really like this game, Darkfall that is, and want it to succeed. The speed and methods of levelling for these new iterations seem viable, though how you train your skills up still matters, some methods are just inefficient.

From what I have been able to tell exploitation and inactive play have both been massively reduced which is great.

I am completely sold on Ork right now, especially for RoA and look forward to launch when there should be more people for politics and PvP!
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RoA official Launch is May 5th, for those that are interested.
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I am though I do not have a current group to roll with. Have an extra account for that first month at least though can't seem to currently run both on the same computer, may have to break out my old one.
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